1 hour wasted!

So rather than the letter forms being the space of light, I wanted to try use the letters to block out the light. Phil suggested sticking paper onto acetate using spray mount. In a craft shop, looking at a can of spraymount and a similar can of glue which sounded like it could stick most things, I opt for the much cheaper glue. After spending about an hour cutting a single letter, I was ready to stick. Obviously, as you’ve probably already guessed, the glue was crap and made a bad mess of everything! So after popping to see my mum on mothers day, I took home my can of spraymount which I had there the whole time and was just to impatient to wait. I have just done a much less time consuming test now with it, and it works brilliantly. Moral of the story is, don’t buy tempting, cheap alternatives (unless it’s something like wine which I think tastes just as good as the expensive stuff!) I bought a bottle of wine on the way back from my mums too…a good night to come of glue and wine!


New Stencils!

At last, I have finished cutting that stencil! I did a much smaller (and quicker!) one when I got bored of the cutting the big one. The larger stencil is intended to be turned into a 3D shape with the posibility of recording a body moving around the shape capturing the words moving and warping shape as the surface moves. I have taken a few photos of the ‘lampshade’ however, I need to fix it onto some sort of stand over the light and possibly make the shade sturdier. 

Currently cutting…

Net for a 5 sided pyramid which will be placed over a lamp like a lamp shade.


For the next few weeks, I will be continuing with my experipents-particulary with light. Im going to create more stencils, try using different shaped lampshades for stencils and possibly making my own. During tutorial today, we also discussed the possibility of filming some outcomes to document how the letters change as the body moves. At the moment it seems, I am taking a few different directions in my work. Other than what I have just discussed, I am also continuing to look at using ink but more specifically, ink fist or slap prints on the body with words appearing in them by vaseline. This will be a message about domestic violence and I think would look quite shocking and effective. I would like to try this although I am unsure whether it would be something to take further. I would also like to try a recreation of Edward Mucha’s (art nouveau) JOB cigarettes advertisment but with ‘JOBLESS’ instead across the girls’ chest. My model will be young and the overall statement will be about students and young people finding it difficult to get work in these times.
What I want to say is something I have been thinking hard about. Normally, I quite often write random words or phrases in work or doodles but now that I have to think of something, I am finding it difficult. If it was my own body however, I know the type of things that I would want to express on it….so, I have decided to offer my models the chance to choose what they would like to say on their bodies so that we will see a projection of their inner selves on the outside. I think this is going to work really well with the whole notion of typography on skin as it’s already I think, a bold statement already to have words on your skin (though not permanent!…of course). Im also hoping that I will get a good variety of words and phrases and maybe they will feel more relaxed about having it done as as i have found with the experiments, it is getting very up close and personal with them which can be a little awkward for the both of us. Having something they want said on them might make it more relaxed and enjoyable.

Stencil Projection

Im sorry I’ve not posted in a while! Need to get back in the habit. So, after rethinking the project a bit (no longer specifically making outcomes for emotions) Iv started some experiments with light and projections after looking at Robert Brownjohn’s opening sequence for ‘From Russia with Love’. Im starting with things I can try at home-card stencils, black pen on clingfilm, cutting letters into lampshade….and then later I would like to try with a projector which I will probably have to do at uni. I think with the projecter, it makes sense to use larger amounts of text and take advantage that it is easy to get the type to fit perfectly over the skin, unlike how complicated and difficult it would be to hand paint on large amounts of text onto the body. Another nice thing about projecting type is that we’ll be able to experiment with the body shape and pose with the same piece of type, making a different outcome each time the body position is changes. I have made a few stencils and plan to make some more today and cutting into the lampshade and hopefully get someone who I can photograph. I had a little go yesterday with the first stencil I made on myself but obviously found it pretty difficult to hold the stencil and the camera above myself. Here are a couple though just to help explain what I’m doing but hopefully I should have more soon.

It’s backwards, I know.
Here’s a good one-notice the D for Dunce on my forehead?! D’oh!

2nd lot of experiments

A mix of black face paint and ink watered down and dripped down the arm. The word test was painted on with waxy vaseline. It worked well although I had to fill in the gaps with the black as it hadn’t ran down the arm as expected.

Same again but under the eye. It hasn’t came out as well, possibly because it is too small although I am wondering whether thick black eyeliner and mascara then splashing water into it would be more effective than the watered ink.

The one I was looking forward to doing…and it worked! This was painted in reverse across the back and then printed onto the sheet. It is a little messy as I had to quickly go back over it in wetter paint as it had started to dry and wouldn’t have printed. However now looking back on it, I think I could have done it in stages (carefully). My idea for this shot is to have the person with the writing still on leant over the person they’re in bed with. This print is starting to make me rethink about my outcome for this. As originally I had a stop motion in mind, I have ideas of lots of smaller, gradual shots. Although now I am thinking that maybe a could have a fuller, possibly single photograph of a print like this but with the whole body, so that you could see a body shape on the sheets but made out of type.

Rubber stamps, face paint. Seems to work better going down the fingers rather than across.

Had not worked quite as well, needed to start ‘be down’ higher up so that the end of the word curl up at the elbow. I’m expecting lots of little things like this to crop up. Need to buy some good make up wipes in order for these mistakes!

This idea came about with the stop motion in mind-each word popping up and finally the two thumbs. It doesn’t really make sense anymore unless I do photograph the stages with a possible part flip book in mind?

Buy smaller paint brushes!


Any suggestions for songs lyrics/poems that mean a lot to you and link strongly to an emotion?